Fourteen years ago my grandmother, who passed away at 100.5 years old, sent us grand kids a little extra money for Christmas. I was so excited and surprised by her generosity, I knew we had to put it to good use. Grandma can’t stand wasting money! That is when I hatched the plan to use her gift to buy something that would benefit our whole family for years to come. I purchased my first embroidery machine. It gave me the creative outlet I craved and an opportunity to bring in a little extra cash for our family. Here I am twelve years later, on my third machine and working hard to expand and evolve the dream. And of course, Grandma gets all the credit!


My Design Philosophy

For several years we lived in a small town where there was only a Walmart. My daughter would come home from elementary school a couple times a week letting me know that several other girls had on the same outfit. Let’s just say, she was less than thrilled! That’s when I figured it was time to think outside the big box store! Today I embrace these stores as they sell great blank canvasses to build on; adding a logo to a polo, monogram to a sweatshirt or an appliqué on a summer dress. An item that started its life as ordinary, is now transformed to a one of a kind, totally “you” piece of fashion. I enjoy helping my customers show off their personality and style, and in my shop you will notice that I offer great work wear options.  Make sure that you check out the For Fun section too where you will find unique seasonal items. If you see some thing you love in my shop, but would like it in a color or style I don’t offer please don’t hesitate to contact me! There are so many great resources to get items from, too many to offer on my site! I look forward to working with you to add a little custom style to your big box fashion.